Things I’ve Finished – September

It's been a quiet month for finishing products wise as we were in Greece for 3 weeks. I only took the bare minimum toiletries with me and every hotel we stayed at provided enough shampoos, conditioners and body lotions to fill a small spa. Needless to say they all came home with me. The few … Continue reading Things I’ve Finished – September


Things I’ve Finished – June

It has not been an exciting month here on the Central Coast for us. While we are just about settled into our new home we are definitely finding it an adjustment. We are both still commuting into Sydney every day. 78km each way. Every day. It is dark when we leave for work in the … Continue reading Things I’ve Finished – June

I Gave in…Let’s be Frank – I had To!

I have had acne since I was 11. I remember the girls in school being afraid to sit next to me because they thought it was Chicken Pox and they didn't want to catch it. Two thirds of my life with acne. I have tried everything; changing diet, trying all sorts of topical creams from … Continue reading I Gave in…Let’s be Frank – I had To!