As a 24 year old Irish girl who found myself stuck in a rut. I had a lovely home, sharing it with some great friends, a great boyfriend, I’d done the whole college thing and gotten myself a grown up job but there was something missing. I couldn’t help feeling like my whole life was going to be….this…just life. Why wasn’t I as happy as I should be?

There was only one thing for it. Out with the old and all that. My break of freedom came with my brother’s wedding in New York.

Couldn’t I do a week maybe in L.A.? Or pop down to visit New Orleans? No, I decide it would be more financially viable if I’m going to do it I might as well do it the whole hog. Get shot for a sheep as shot for a lamb and all that! So I do a full on trek of 9 weeks which took me through 33 states and a snippet of Canada with a bunch of people I had never met before. Quit my job, Slan abhaile to the boyfriend of nearly four years, see you later to my roommates and start spreading the news, I’m leaving today…


So what happens after such an experience? You can’t just go back to a normal life in a tiny town in the south of Ireland. Well I stayed there didn’t I. Landed myself right there in the Bronx. Living my next big leap and hopefully learn something new about myself.

Now at the brink of turning 30, living in Sydney the past five years and figuring out it is possibly the best thing ever. Forever fighting between wanting to be carefree and fanciful but also wanting a stable job and nice place to call home.

That wedding had a lot to answer for!



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