Things I’ve Finished – July


First of all I am going to say I was completely naive with how much time went into blogging. How do people do it where they post every day, work full time, have friends, have kids, drink water and blink! Commuting is really taking up much more time than I imagined – an extra 15 hours a week spent in a car, definitely not what I expected to be doing but this is the situation as it stands.

This month I’ve been busy finishing all sorts

Running full steam ahead with finishing a book a month – this month was After Darkness by Christine Piper. A book set in Australia with a Japanese doctor caught up in the uncertain times of WWII and sent to a prisoner camp in South Australia. The most interesting part of this book I found was a secretive past the doctor had and would have liked for it to be explored further but sadly only lasted a handful of pages.

Schwarzkopf Push Up Volume mousse. I always use mousse as it is very noticeable if I don’t. I don’t tend to find one product better than another so I usually go for whichever is on special in Woollies or Priceline that week.

Dermalogica Sebum Clearing Masque. This is something I have given up using instead of finishing. I have had this masque for about 3 years and this is probably a major factor of why I don’t find it works for me – although when bought new I also found it didn’t work so who knows, maybe just not for me…

No7 Youthful CC Cream – I love this product, I have 3 more tubes stored away from my last trip home. I stock up if people are coming to visit from Ireland or the UK or if we happen to be back. It has the perfect coverage for me and also has SPF 15 built in. It is also a true light (fair) as I struggle finding anything in Australia light enough in the correct shade as fair for Australia seems to still be incredibly tanned.

Sukin Micellar Cleansing Water – I have had this product for awhile and never really gave it a chance until micellar water kept popping up on my news feed and I found it in the back of the press. I like this product but probably not something I would buy again. It made a nice change to a lazy skincare routine as it has been so cold over Winter the last thing I wanted to do was splash my face with cold water!

Allmedic Skin Repair – this was recommended to me by my dermatologist and with two uses per day a $70 odd tube lasted me approx 15 months. Excellent value for money.  I have not been using this since I finished it in mid July and so far haven’t noticed any major change to my skin so who knows if it ever made a difference.

I feel like my finances need a major kick back onto the right track and I am slowly working towards my goals again, getting some tax back certainly helped but spending $100 and sometimes more a week on petrol is posing a massive hurdle and waste of much needed funds. I am hoping this isn’t a long term situation where either my office is relocating to a more public transport friendly location or we get permanent residency and I can get a more economical car on finance. At the moment we can’t get finance longer than our 457 visa and the car we have is owned outright so it’s not like we can swap for a more fuel efficient vehicle.



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