The Cost of Moving


Back in May my boyfriend and I moved up to the Central Coast of NSW. This is something we have spoken about for quite sometime and we finally made the decision and moved. As much as I get excited for a new change in scenery and the chance to thoroughly go through everything you own, there is always the headaches that come with moving.

This is my 12th time moving in 6 years, and from the longest place that I have lived at in Sydney which was two years.

We had expected there to be expenses that we hadn’t thought of. Here is a list of what we occurred.

1. The bond and a weeks rent up front. Pretty standard and no surprises there.

2. Breaking our lease. We broke our lease which was due to run out in August. We had to pay an administration fee for our real estate agent. We could have been up for weekly rent on the apartment but luckily we were able to find a couple who were looking to move in and take over our lease. This worked out quite well for the couple as they had to be offered the same rent we paid which was a steal for the location and views!

3. Movers. This is something we looked into and debated and finally decided to go ahead with. Best. Decision. Although the movers turned up nearly two hours late after numerous phone calls (and tall tales) from the company that the guys were on their way. Movers to the Central Coast for 4 hours cost approx $750. Definitely worth it to save us the hassle of renting a van and moving all our belongings ourselves.

4. Professional cleaners. I hadn’t thought it was necessary to get professional cleaners in to go over the apartment when we moved out but gosh am I glad we did. With the cafuffle of moving and having a new puppy I am 100% happy we got cleaners. They did have to come back after the agents inspection but I’m glad it was the cleaners headache as they guaranteed a full bond back which we got. This was $350 again well spent.

5. Reconnecting services. We had to connect our energy supply which was $11 and due to the location we had to get a whole new internet connection opening a phone line and connecting the internet which cost $120.

6. Restocking the fridge and pantry. I always try and use up everything in the fridge and pantry before we move which always mean having to rebuy everything again.

7. Filling space. Moving from a SMALL two bed apartment to a three bed house meant we had space. A lot of space. We went to Ikea and got some bookshelves, storage boxes and all the other unnecessary stuff you get at Ikea at a cost of $850. Ouch.

8. Garden tools. We have a garden! Which we’ve never had to worry about before. Having a garden is amazing and we and Copper love the space. Having a garden also comes with maintenance. We had to purchase a lawn mover, hedge cutters and leaf blower for about $300 all up.

9. A dryer. We’ve never really had much need of a dryer before as clothes would generally dry after a few days in the spare room even in winter as long as the room got a bit of sun. Now however the roof has an awning and the sun doesn’t generally hit the rooms so our clothes were just not drying so we bought one of those new fancy Electrolux condenser dryers for $800.

10. The house warmings. All our friends have been coming up and stayin with us to check out the house and also the area, two birds one stone and what not. The random trips to Woolies amd Aldi add up but definitely worth it.

All in all as stressful as moving is it’s an exciting if not expensive time. Hopefully the next time we move will be into our own home and not for the next year or two at least.


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