Things I’ve Finished – June


It has not been an exciting month here on the Central Coast for us. While we are just about settled into our new home we are definitely finding it an adjustment. We are both still commuting into Sydney every day. 78km each way. Every day. It is dark when we leave for work in the morning and dark by the time we get home. Not very exciting at all.

The things that I have finished this month are only a few and even half of those are things I feel like have only been finished for the sake of using them.

  1. Falling Sideways – Thomas E Kennedy. This is a story set in Denmark based in a company that is going through downsizing and the employees that it affects. It is fast paced story telling that gives enough detail about the characters to be involved but not too much detail and also a nice glimpse in Danish life.
  2.  Frank Peppermint body scrub – an old faithful for me. I love Frank products as they are one of the only products I genuinely feel make a difference to my skin. They only thing I (read boyfriend) don’t like about this body scrub is the mess it makes in the shower.
  3. Simple Anti Blemish moisturiser. Did this work for me? No, I still got blemishes and it didn’t help get rid of any blemishes I already had. I used this for the sake of using it. I’ve also started moisturising my neck after all these years so thought it might at least help with that.
  4. Biore Triple Action Toner – again a waste not want not product. I don’t really feel any major difference when I do or don’t use toner. When I use toner I do feel like I do remove more makeup and grim but I don’t feel like it affects my skin either way if this final layer is removed or isn’t. I must be honest and say I am very lazy when it comes to toner. Something I probably should start working on.

As I mentioned June has not been a very exciting month. Hopefully while the days are getting longer I will get more inspired.

Summer? Is that you??….


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