A Weekend in Villa Lago

A group of 8 of us headed 4 hours north of Sydney for the Easter not recent long weekend to Villa Lago at Coomba. I’ve been meaning to write this post for awhile! Apparently we have stayed in the same holiday home as Russell Crowe, as you do. We divided the shopping duties between two of us and I had organised for our portion to be delivered the night before we headed on our road trip. How do you shop for 8 people? All the usual for your typical BBQ and Mexican night, English breakfasts and a boat load of snacks and wine.


Villa Lago is a stunning retreat with 3 double bedrooms in the main house and another double bedroom in the pool house, swimming pool, hot tub, dock and plenty of outdoor space.

Bluey’s Beach

What a beautiful way to spend a weekend drinking wine, eating good hearty food, stargazing, checking out the local beaches, playing Cards Against Humanity and watching Logan all with amazing company. I could do with a weekend like that every month!


The best thing about being an adult is weekends away, it’s a better version of a sleepover. The only thing missing was roasting marshmallows over a fire. Oh well next sleepover πŸ™‚



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