And they called it Puppy Love


I know, I know, at the beginning of this blog I said that we were not going to be moving from our rented apartment in a fancy area to change our life so much to be able to get closer to getting a house. But goal posts change. About a puppy length. A cocker spaniel puppy length. A Copper length one might say.

DIY Doggo – Copper’s first trip to Bunnings

Two months ago this furry bundle of cuddles joined our family. Unfortunately our landlord wouldn’t allow us to have a dog, even after explaining our case, volunteering to pay more rent, increasing our bond, praising the benefits of having a dog. There was nothing for it. We had to move.


In the space of a month we found a new house (a house not just an apartment) handed in our notice on our lease, booked in movers and end of lease cleaners, packed up our stuff, collected Copper and away we were up to the Central Coast of NSW. This is where we were looking to move anyway so adding a puppy to our family just helped speed things up.

When your talented aunt makes your puppy his very own Aaron sweater

I completely underestimated how expensive getting a puppy would be. The vaccinations, the treats, the toys, the bedding, the food, the groomers, puppy school and daycare. Yes Copper goes to daycare. We couldn’t bear to leave him on his own every day while we go to work.d8

My savings have pretty much gone back to zero. Was Copper worth it? Without a doubt. There is nothing better than seeing those big puppy dog eyes, flouncy paws climb all over you in the morning and every wag of his tail. My heart just melts. The things we do for puppy love.



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