Things I’ve Finished This Month – May

20170603_184807Woah – Is it really June already? How did that happen? What a month May has been, so many changes, so many exciting things happening and no money saved and budgets well and truly blown.  More to come on that later.

This month was very productive, there have been a few products I’ve been using for awhile and finally got to finish and another historical fiction book. I’m on a roll with historical at the moment apparently.

First up Dawn of an Empire by Sam Barone. I had actually started this book awhile ago but must have abandoned it just after starting, which led to me being very confused when I began rereading chapters which I had already read but forgotten about. Dawn of an Empire is based in Barbarian times before walled cities were developed. An impending barbarian invasion startles the village of Orak and provokes the villagers to stay and defend their home instead of fleeing. A very interesting read with an insight into barbarian culture.

Perfume – Daisy by Marc Jacobs, this was a Christmas gift from my boyfriend in 2015 and it has lasted me this long even though I use it every day. Value for money? Check. What does it smell like? Perfume I suppose, I don’t have much of a nose to describe these things. It smells of Daisys I’m guessing. Also doesn’t help when you wear the same perfume every day I guess as you become too familiar with it – was I even wearing perfume? Who knows!

Sephora face mask – I got this face mask in a welcome pack given by Sephora in our hotel in Paris back in January and I finally got around to using it. The welcome pack was beautiful, it contained a teeny tiny red lipstick (because you’re in Paris and you have to wear red lipstick right!) some body lotion which was a god send to relieve the sunburn I sustained in Mexico a few weeks before, and this face mask. It was a full on cloth mask that felt very slimy when I put it on. I noticed no difference at all but still a nice quick pamper session.

Protane Moroccan Argan Oil Heat Protection Spray from Aldi. I have had this spray for quite some time. Probably about two years and I finally got around to using it consistently. I try and only use a hair dryer when I have to. I generally a night time showerer and tend to leave my hair to dry overnight. Probably terrible I know but doesn’t seem to have done me any harm so far. I should probably by a new spray seeing as it’s Winter…

Finally this month I tried a micro-dermabrasion peel from Rodan and Fields. I have tried to avoid using this brands products as they are the company that uses Proactiv. My field uses R&F religiously and loves the brand. For me it still does not work and my skin has dried out like it has never done before. It has also caused some random breakouts in places I have never had breakouts. Right now I am wearing a mask while writing this to try and get my skin back under control – or as much control of it that I’ve ever had.

Apologies for the crap photo quality too by the way. Still dealing with new surroundings.

Happy Winter everyone!


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