A Little Late, But a Whole Lotta Chocolate

IMG_20170519_135755To assist in not spending money I thought it would make sense to start baking more and do more home cooking. So of course just before Easter I stumbled across this recipe for Creme Egg Rocky Road. It didn’t look difficult to make and I’ve always said I should make my own Rocky Road so I gave it ago. $20 odd dollars later spent on creme eggs alone and enough chocolate to make Willy Wonka jealous I was making my first attempt at this what should be easy dessert.

The recipe is incredibly straight forward, biscuits, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate. Creme egg

Creme egg and more creme eggs. With so much chocolate even I couldn’t eat too much at the one time which meant that this chocolate mess lasted a pretty long time. For my first attempt at Rocky Road I think it was a bit poor, you have to time it just right that the chocolate isn’t too hot to melt the marshmallows (I didn’t) but not too cool that it can’t be mixed. Back to cheese cakes for me I think. Β All in all I probably wouldn’t do this again as the cost of all the creme eggs which are a vital ingredient take away from the simplicity of it. Maybe I just need to work on some variations…it was tasty though


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