Things I’ve finished this month- April

20170501_071455It’s been a pretty hectic April with a lot of decisions being made and not much budgeting happening. One of the things I did stay on track with is my reading. I’ve loved reading for years but surprisingly I don’t take a lot of books from the library. I hate having to give books back after investing time in them. I think this has been the main reason why I haven’t read as much as usual over the last while, moving books around from apartment to apartment and county to country is hard work. To get back into the swing of things I’ve set myself a goal of one book per month. Its equalling roughly 16 pages a day. Somedays I do more somedays I read none. But at least my first month I reached my goal. I finished Rome, The Emperor’s Spy by MC Scott. I love stories set in historical times and my two most famous civilizations are ancient Rome and Egypt. This is a book about the famous Nero who supposedly played his fiddle while the great city burned. A very interesting read from the get go.

Two other things that I finished, well lost, this month is my primer from Nude and a green tea body lotion from Elizabeth Arden. These are both items I’ve had for awhile and began to start using in my bid to not buy anything new. Seeing as I can’t finish them its onto the new lotions and potions I have in copious amounts in my cupboard!


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