If It’s Broken, Fix it

This Christmas gone my boyfriend and I did a little whirlwind trip to Central America. We headed to Caye Caulker, a tropical island in Belize for a few days. Sunshine, snorkelling and scocktails – absolute bliss.


After a busy day of snorkeling we headed to check out the local markets and we spotted these beautiful mosaic plates. There were large plates for 50 Belize Dollars and I definitely wanted them, but they were plates and we were still travelling for 3 more weeks through 4 different countries. Would they survive all that travel? After debating for awhile we thought it best not to get them as they were a bit expensive and would probably break on the way home to Sydney. We regrouped at our hotel with everyone we were travelling with and with some advice from some more experienced travelers they told us if there is something that catches your eye to get it as you will always regret it. Especially if it will remind you of a place you will probably never go back to again.


We were going snorkeling that afternoon and needed to buy a towel and some long sleeve shirts to avoid getting sunburned while in the water. We found a cute little souvenir shop and what did we spot only the same plates from the market, more of a variety for half the price! Well I would certainly risk these lovely plates breaking if they’re costing half as less. And because they’re half the price you can buy twice as many – my logic pre-budgeting.


After stuffing our beautiful new plates in our newly purchased alpaca blankets from Peru we were on our way. The plates survived for another 2 weeks and somewhere between Paris, Abu Dhabi and Sydney they broke into quarters. My first instinct was to go online and try and find replicas, trawling through ebay and esty with no luck of finding a replacement for we had. Then the DIY bug hit, I was a bit creative when I was younger, arts and crafts was my favourite thing, I can surely salvage a few plates. I arranged the broken pieces and got out the ol’ superglue. After about an hour of pressing the quarters together they were just not sticking so I tried some shoe glue I had for fixing soles of my Uggs. This bad boy has some sticking power. Resting the pieces together and letting them set, and a few hours later playing jigsaw with the tiles that had fallen off and the end result…isn’t perfect but I’m perfectly happy with how they turned out. Now when we put our keys, sunglasses and change into this bowls I’m reminded of that random trip where we did nothing but relax, snorkel, eat lobster and laugh. Can you Belize it!




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