Things I’ve Finished This Month – March


It’s been a quiet month this month. The excitement of turning thirty took over most of the beginning of the month while trying to be smart with money took over the end of the month. I’m trying to create new habits, wearing all my clothes before rewearing or buying something new. Success in both, also makes me gulp a bit at all those times when I said “I’ve nothing to wear”. Yes I’m still working on my style and I think I finally found it so now that needs to be developed. In the meantime I’m working on habits that aren’t impossible such as drinking enough water, thanks to a handy reminder app I’ve been able to keep up with this for the past month. Have I noticed any difference? Not really. Does the occasional evening wine counteract it? Probably. Somethings we can’t change just yet.

Anyway, two things in working on, 1 read a book a month and 2 finish products before buying something new.

Check and check to both. This month I’ve finished Zipporah by Marek Halter. I love historical stories and this tells the story of Moses’ wife Zipporah and how their story evolved and helped Moses become the man he is known for. This is a book that surprised me with how much I enjoyed it as I am in no way religious like that but I do love reading about the different cultures and how people lived in the past. All in all an easy enjoyable read.

I’ve also finished this Protane Moroccan Argan Oil from Aldi. I’ve had this in my bathroom for over a year and finally committed to using it regularly. Have I noticed a difference in my hair? Not yet. If I do start noticing my hair could do with a bit of something something I’m sure I’ll come back to this Argan Oil. I may leave it a week or two as I do have a few samples from the lovely ladies at Lush, I’m interested to see if they make any difference.

Now to pick this month’s read and check out some samples from Lush that could potentially replace the Argan Oil from Aldi.


Have you any book or hair oil recommendations that you love? Xx


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