I Gave in…Let’s be Frank – I had To!

3.jpgI have had acne since I was 11. I remember the girls in school being afraid to sit next to me because they thought it was Chicken Pox and they didn’t want to catch it. Two thirds of my life with acne. I have tried everything; changing diet, trying all sorts of topical creams from my doctor, sunbeds, chinese herbs, Roaccutane (which to be fair worked but ruined every other aspect of my skin), Proactiv (until it bleached all of my clothes), diet again hello gluten free phase, laser treatment, every product in between from Lush to Dermalogica. Countless dollars, euro, time, hopes and dreams spent on trying to get my ever troublesome teenager skin to behave.

Nothing worked long enough for me to actually notice. Everything would work for maybe a week or two then everything would flare back up again. Acne, backne, knene, thighne – anywhere that was skin there was a pimple or a blackhead waiting to ruin my day with my having to obsess over it.

Then Frank snuck into my life – I don’t even like coffee! But here I was scrubbing myself and making my bathroom filthy in the process. But I can say for the first time since being 11 I noticed a product that worked. It did just what it said on the pack. Ever since I’ve used as many as their products as I can get my mits on. Yes I still get the odd breakout but it heals much faster, doesn’t stay as red for as long and doesn’t scar. That’s a thumbs up from me.


Of course when I saw that Frank Body was releasing a new product I had to have it. It broke my ‘no unnecessary spending’ rule. But I had to; this is necessary! This is the cherry on a very messy coffee scrub pie. It’s not like these products break the bank either. Over teenager skin, Let’s Be Frank!

I’m very excited to see the results on this. Stay tuned!

Has anyone else fallen in love with these products?


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